An OpenSource multi-platform application and programming framework designed for processing, modeling and rendering of geometric data.

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OpenVolumeMesh is a data structure for handling arbitrary polytopal meshes by an index-based structure. Its concepts are closely related to OpenMesh.

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CoMISo - Constrained Mixed-Integer Solver
A handy solver for optimizing discrete quadratic energies subject to linear and integer constraints, performing proper elimination of constraints, while relieving the user from cumbersome re-indexing.
The solver has been succesfully deployed in high-end geometry processing tasks such as the Mix-Integer Quadrangulation project.

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libQEx is a reference implementation of QEx, a method for robust quad mesh extraction from Integer-Grid Maps with imperfections. Integer-Grid Maps are generated by most state of the art methods such as QuadCover or our own Mixed-Integer Quadrangulation.

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libHexEx is a reference implementation of HexEx, a robust hexahedral mesh extraction algorithm.

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