The Computer Graphics Group offers basic lectures on a regular basis, advanced lectures on an irregular basis, seminar and pro-seminars, practical exercises and participation in research projects.

Seminars and practical exercises are announced individually for every semester.

Please note that download material accompanying the lectures are only accessible from within the University of Bern network. If you are accessing the lecture materials from another network, please use the VPN to connect.

Courses by semester:
FS: Fr├╝hjahrssemester (Spring semester)
HS: Herbstsemester (Fall semester)
HS 2019
Lecture:Computer Graphics
Lecture:Applied Optimization
Seminar:Seminar: Computer Graphics
FS 2019
Lecture:3D Geometry Processing
Lecture:Datenstrukturen und Algorithmen
HS 2018
Lecture:Computer Graphics
Lecture:Introduction to Computer Science