Seminar: Computer Graphics

FS 2021

The seminar course leads students to get in touch with the latest research results in computer graphics and geometry processing. The goal for each student is two-fold:

(1) getting knowledge on an individually assigned article, and sharing this knowledge through a presentation

(2) obtaining a broad overview of recent results in computer graphics and geometry processing by participating in active discussions after the presentations

Your doings:

  • Reviewing and refining your fundamentals in order to grasp the selected article

  • Exploring the vast research literature to build your opinion and to acquire a better understanding of your assignment

  • Making carefully a neat and clear presentation

  • Attending to all seminars, and actively participating in the discussions

Your learning:

  • Strengthening your fundamentals

  • Diligent analysis of research literature

  • Getting acquainted with numerous concepts and algorithms related to computer graphics and geometry processing

  • Leveraging your presentation skills

  • Developing management skills